Live at Vialliset and HYTKY: A.I.

I had the honour of playing the opening set on the Vialliset sound system at this event, a collaboration between them and another Helsinki underground party collective, HYTKY, which took place in Helsinki in November 2017.

Included in the mix are a couple of tracks by my old favourite, the criminally overlooked Simon Mathewson, follow the links below for free downloads of his work, dubwise and otherwise. The rest of the mix includes nineties dub from artists such as Jah Shaka, Jammin’ Unit, Sandoz, Dreadzone, Moody Boys, Acorn Arts + Julian Marley, and labels including South London’s Digidub, as well as newer exponents of the electronic dub sound like Disrupt and Rhythm and Sound.

Big up Vialliset! And thanks for letting me unleash the bass on your tasty new speakers.


Vialliset’s fb:
HYTKY’s fb:
Simon Mathewson at Free Music Archive:

Digidubby Part 1

Here’s one from the archives. Electronic dub, digidub, or whatever you want to call it, is a genre close to my heart that I really feel more people need to hear.

It includes unreleased material from the criminally underrated Robodub, as well as gems of tracks from the Pharma and Digidub imprints. The ever-versatile Richard H. Kirk records dub-influenced sounds under the name Sandoz, and there are tunes here from both of his Sandoz In Dub LP’s. Jammin’ Unit’s Deaf Dub and Blind album is such a great example of the ’90’s electronic dub sound that I love that it was a real struggle not to include more than 3(!) of his tracks on here. Finally, Jahtari, and especially label founder Disrupt, are some of the main torch-carriers for a sound that, as far as I’m concerned, should keep on dubbing into the far distant future.

1. Robodub- Jah (unreleased 2010)
2. Sandoz- Chant to Jah  (Soul Jazz Records 2002)
3. Jammin' Unit- 32° In The Shade (Blue Planet Recordings 1997)
4. Sandoz- King Dread (Soul Jazz Records 2002)
5. Prince Williams Action Wood [excerpt] (Atra Records 1973)
6. Jammin' Unit- Thirst At Dawn (Blue Planet Recordings 1997)
7. Robodub- Space Bugs (unreleased 2010)
8. Sandoz- Strike Fire (Soul Jazz Records 2006)
9. Jammin' Unit- Over The Jordan (Blue Planet Recordings 1997)
10. Disrupt- The Bass Has Left The Building (Jahtari 2009)
11. Tapes- Gun Dance (Jahtari 2010)
12. Bionic Skank- Musical Scorcher (Pharma 1996) 
13. R.I.P.- EO Pan (Digidub 1994)
14. Disrupt- Riddim Grid (Werkdiscs/Jahtari 2008)



Sugar Cubes Podcast 043


I’m going to try to update this blog more regularly, and after this post I’ll see if I can rustle up a non-hardcore mix.

In the meantime here’s something I did last year for the Sugar Cubes Podcast (an Entropy ting- check my previous post for links). The tunes are from the darker, weirder edge of the uk hardcore spectrum, strictly 1990-1992 business.

Follow the link for mix and tracklist.

Sugar Cubes Podcast 043: DJ Conehead

More electronic music from Finland here: Sugar Cubes Podcast

Live at Radiodiodi

nimetönRadiodiodi is an FM radio station that operates for May Day and the days leading up to it. Entropy hosted an evening and I was honoured to be asked to play.

Entropy are a long-standing student union organisation at Aalto University. They are the sister organisation to HYTKY and both organisations put on great techno parties.

Here’s 45 minutes of old school breakbeat rave. Let me know if you want any tracks id’d 🙂








Live at Bzzzt! 3 in Stockholm

I had a whale of a time at this underground party in Stockholm. Every other artist who played there was great, and I hope some of them make their sets available online. The Gumpa Brothers aka 2 of the TSR guys played a storming set before me. I was followed by Cynthia Stern’s live set. Luke’s Anger played live after that, and this was a personal highlight for me. Then Cedex played a banging set of Coin Operated-style wonky techno. Stak Etop pounded the remaining ravers into submission, and the awesome Mörkö killed those remaining on the dancefloor in the early hours, which was my other personal highlight. Don’t ask me to choose between her set and Luke’s, I can’t! What a night.

Here’s the recording of my set, unedited:

DJ Conehead- Live at Bzzzt! 3 in Stockholm

P.S. Do let me know if there are any problems with the download, or if you want me to identify a track. Dropbox only has limited capacity so please let me know when it reaches that. Tracklist available on request. Do email rather than comment as I expect this blog will get overwhelmed with spam just like my last one. My address is on the ‘About’ page.